All our services are based on your business requirement. We will discuss, review, evaluate your business needs and then make a set of recommendations that fit best for your business.


  • Sourcing candidates
  • Pre-evaluating candidates
  • Preparing interview guides
  • Employee on boarding practices
  • Job descriptions


  • Employee engagement
  • Setting up Targets for employees (KPIs)
  • Employee Appraisals
  • Planning employee careers


  • HR compliance and policies
  • Systems & practices evaluation
  • Dashboard
  • HR Audit certification
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Training & Development

  • Understanding training needs
  • Facilitators
  • Training tracker
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Specialized training programs

Why us?

We strongly believe in the importance of Human Resources to every company or business. We are also aware that managing this function will effectively support the operation of the business. Most of all, it will avoid unnecessary legal or people management issues.

Experienced and recommended team to support you to establish, develop or streamline the Human Resources functions of YOUR BUSINESS

Whether you are connected to a start-up or a well established business; whether it’s a small, medium or conglomerate. Our solutions can be customized to be in line with your focused business needs and trends.

We value and understand the importance of your business or company. Similarly, we are aware that most of the generic solutions will not deliver results or fit to all businesses. Therefore, our suggestions and recommendations will be focused and customized to strengthen YOUR BUSINESS.

We understand the importance of your drive and objectives. Therefore, we allocate especial time to discuss with you to clearly understand YOUR BUSINESS and the key changes you want to implement. This will enable us to provide you the best suited recommendations and solutions to assist you to achieve YOUR BUSINESS objectives. 

We understand and value the importance of YOUR BUSINESS to you. Therefore, as your consulting business partner, we are committed to support you all the way, within our limitations.

Our advisory team is well experienced in both local and international business operations. Therefore, the solution, practices and recommendations we provide are based on experiences that are actually tested and proven in real business world.